Holding steady

Most of the growth on the (e)XPNDAPALOOZA account is likely now behind us although I do think there’s room for both the EAv score and the FB page score to move up in the next week or so. Typically, a FB page as big as this one takes awhile longer to peak and the EAv score on this account was at a 1 for the first 10 days or so, so that one also will take a bit to rise to its natural peak. So, now, the slow gains and dividends picture comes into play on the account. It’ll be interesting to see how far along this account is by the time the next [X]Pendapalooza rolls around :)

Walking Down Empire Avenue - an ebook

I just wanted to give a shoutout here to (e)LIBDRONE and his new ticker for his Empire Avenue ebook - (e)WALKING go follow and fan his page on EAv, pick up some shares while they’re relatively inexpensive and then read his ebook. I think you’ll find it very helpful information on how to succeed on Empire Avenue, and he’s also planning a second book on advanced strategy, so stay tuned…

Why it’s difficult having a highly successful and popular stock on Empire Avenue

As someone who has now done investment management for three tickers which have had hugely successful first days on Empire Avenue (150+ shareholders in the first day on each of (e)EAVSHARES (e)XBAR (now deleted) and (e)XPNDAPALOOZA ) I thought I’d take a minute to write about the experience of this and how it affects one’s ability to invest in shareholders, due perhaps to a lack of understanding of the price of celebrity on Empire Avenue in some quarters. Some people may find it insulting that the (e)XPNDAPALOOZA account has only invested back in them for 1 share, for example.

First, let’s take a look at a more normal entry into the game. On day one, you get perhaps 20 shareholders and sell a maximum of 4K shares. This is likely to be one of your best days, since you are only on the new arrivals page once and you are full of promise. You get 50% of the proceeds from all buys of your stock, which gives you maybe 20K eaves to invest in others, so you do it a little bit at a time, perhaps maxing out 1 or two players a day and buying in small quantities into some of your investors as a way to say thank you. Each day, for the next month you get daily dividends from your investments and activity earnings from activity and achievements and if you trade stocks out of your portfolio hopefully you make some profits. So, at the end of a month or two, you have built up perhaps a million in wealth and perhaps 200 shareholders own in you to the tune of say 22K shares. For each share you sell you’re still getting 40% of the proceeds. Hopefully, you own more than one share in each of your investors after 2 months in the game.

Now, let’s look at the celebrity situation. In your first day in the game, you have 150+ shareholders, most of whom own maximum amounts of your shares because they think you’re a good investment. In the particular case of (e)XPNDAPALOOZA many of them bought 500 shares at a price of under 17e. Any share sales over 20K, you only see 40% of the eaves. Any over 30K, 30% any over 40K, 20% and any over 50K you only see 10% of the eaves spent. (e)XPNDAPALOOZA sold 50K shares within the first 24 hours of becoming a hotly traded stock, which means every investment since that time has given us 10% of whatever you paid in order to thank you. Four days or so worth of dividends have brought in maybe another 50K eaves. Achievements have brought in a few more. As part of the (e)XPNDAPALOOZA event, the account paid forward 500K eaves in savings + nearly that much again from new investors to try to invest in those who had the fewest number of stocks sold so far and who were participating in the event. We probably didn’t get to all of you, hopefully some others did.

Now, we have 500 shareholders and about 13K new eaves from dividends per day arriving into the account + 10% of whatever new investments we get. One person is doing pretty much all of the investing on this account as well as most of the shouts, in addition to trying to manage a couple of other accounts. So yes, we know there are some shareholders who we still only own one share in after 4 days or so. If you really still feel slighted by this after reading this explanatory blog post, we suggest you take your presumably massive profits from investing and invest elsewhere. Actually, we don’t recommend it because NONE of our top 5 network scores are anywhere near their peak levels, so you can expect further growth.

Hope this all now makes more sense. If you haven’t been on the inside of playing a “celebrity” account, you probably don’t know what it’s like to try to respond to hundreds of buy and shout notifications in a day or to try to make sure that you own even just one share in each of your 500+ shareholders…

(e)XPNDAPALOOZA share price update

The temptation to spam or post “content” for the purposes of dividends does become increasingly more difficult to resist as share price rises and network scores get closer to being firmed up on Empire Avenue… but we’re trying to resist. Of course, this post itself is somewhat non content “content” but, we never said we were perfect…

Anyway, the share price for (e)XPNDAPALOOZA jumped about 25 points on the AM roll this morning and hopefully we’ll have another good roll considering that none of our top 5 scoring networks have reached their peak range yet and activity levels should be good again today.

Dividends are another story. We’ll likely not ever be asked to join the 1.0+ % club as long as the current networks are attached to the account. Hopefully, many shareholders will remember that buying a steady 1.0% stock at its peak price yields a 100% return on the investment in approximately 100 days. We’ve just given many of our shareholders a100+% ROI every day for the past few days…. which may or may not count for anything when it comes time for us to go have our first red day…. but, here’s to hoping….

Over 6 Million eaves spent by me alone on share purchases (without regard to ROI and focused on helping boost those with low number of shares in order to send more eaves into the event) from a total of 7 accounts during the 24 hours of (e)XPNDAPALOOZA 3 - linked here are the (e)DOMINOORACLE link (e)PWND link (I was spending for him) (e)XPNDAPALOOZA link and (e)XLNATION account records for the day. Maybe that’s why the account once went by the ticker STEVEAUSTIN?

Looking at the achievements (e)PWND has gotten so far in today’s (e)XPNDAPALOOZA event, I’d say this begs the question: “when does one ACTUALLY GET one’s own TV show or at least an assistant to help you keep track?” I suppose the answer to that question is “when eaves are worth x amount of $”


(e)XPNDAPALOOZA is rocking and rolling and so is [X]Pendapalooza I’ll grab a bite to eat now, come back and [X]Pend a bit more and then we’ll look at which network to connect. Could be the FB page, perhaps :)


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